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The Home of Indonesian Wolverines and Families

Indonesian Student Association at the University of Michigan aiming to create a strong, vibrant, and inclusive community of Indonesian students in Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area and promote Indonesian cultures and heritages to the local and international community in the area.

Together with Indonesian communities, Permias Michigan routinely holds social gatherings, monthly potluck, or cultural events. Check out our Events page for more detailed information. In addition, we try to disseminate scholarships, career opportunities, or other information through Opportunities page. Also, if you want to share any exciting Permias-sy contributions such as recipes for delicate Indonesian food, tips for excelling in Michigan classes, or experiences during your internships or travel abroad, please let us know and we will gladly post them in Contributions page. Also, check out our Blog page for more of fun stuff.

Indonesian Cultural Night (ICN) 2019

Indonesian Cultural Night 2019 on April 6th. Join us in celebration of Indonesian culture and community. In addition to traditional dance and music, we will be performing a modern adaptation of the legend that entails beginning of the Majapahit kingdom,

Welcome Party 9/15/2018

These are the happy faces to start a new semester here in Michigan. Some of them has just come to Ann Arbor, some are current students in Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Area: University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College; some

Being Not Rich at U of M

We don't actually write this guide, but it is an online publication started by Lauren Schandevel and Griffin St. Onge. The guide has been edited with many students and communities sharing their experience in saving money (and even get more)

Welcome Back, Welcome HoMe

Hey you! You, Indonesians, friends-of-Indonesians, friends-of-friends-of-Indonesians, wannabe-friends-of-Indonesians, and those just mildly interested in Indonesia! This event is for you! This year, PERMIAS (an Indonesian-affinity group) is hosting a get-together at Palmer Commons as a welcome back, and welcome to Michigan.

Registering for Classes

Either you’re transferring from another school in the US or coming in as a freshman, registering for classes can be a feat. During orientation you will be taught how to register for classes but here are some steps and tips

Transportation in Ann Arbor

Hey, welcome to Ann Arbor! Transportation is a little different here than Indonesia, but we get around. First, a few tips: Google Maps is your friend! It knows all the buildings and walking  paths around campus. Don’t hesitate to use

7 Tourism Destinations to Visit in Indonesia

Would you prefer a holiday abroad or a tour of your own country? From Sabang to Merauke, Indonesia is a country with extraordinary natural beauty. From the view under the sea to the cluster of mountains, Indonesia is the best

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