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Hey, welcome to Ann Arbor! Transportation is a little different here than Indonesia, but we get around. First, a few tips: Google Maps is your friend! It knows all the buildings and walking  paths around campus. Don’t hesitate to use walking, biking, or especially the transit section, as they are really helpful. Also PEOPLE are friendly. Don’t hesitate to ask them how to get around, especially using the bus system, since it can be confusing. Other than that, here are basic options.

  1. Walking – best for short distances (link to
  2. The Blue Bus – best for getting around campus, and in between campuses at Michigan (pls make Blue Bus a link to
  3. The RIDE – best for getting around town off-campus, and between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti. (pls make RIDE A hyperlink to
  4. Uber or Lyft – ride-sharing apps best for taking to parties, late-night transport, and us lazy people (pls link)
  5. Driving – best if you have a car, although parking on campus can be tricky! (
  6. Biking – best if you have a bike (



This is the most common way of getting around. Walking around Ann Arbor pretty easy, since cars are friendly and stop for pedestrians, and Ann Arbor has good sidewalks and walking paths. Of course, walking has its limitations – mainly, it’s slow. If you need directions, Google or Apple maps are usually your best bet.


The Blue Bus

The blue buses around Ann Arbor are run by the University of Michigan, and they are free for anyone to use. The routes do not go off-campus but they are excellent for getting in between North and Central campus, and also for getting to the Hospital/Med School. At peak times buses run every five minutes, and on the weekends they may come every 10-15 minutes. Also, routes between Central and North campus run until 2 AM Sunday-Thursday and 3AM on Friday and Saturday.


There are quite a few routes, and the website will have complete information, but here’s a general outline of what each of the buses do.

-BURSLEY-BAITS (7 days a week)

Frequent and direct service from Central to North campus. Runs from Baits, past Bursley and Pierpont Commons on North Campus and goes to the Central Campus Transit Center (aka, CCTC, formerly CC little).

-NORTHWOOD (7 days a week)
Also frequent, perhaps less direct service from Central to North Campus. Runs by all the Northwood housing, and reaches across from McDonald’s, Kroger, and Way One grocery, which is super handy on North Campus. Also stops at Pierpont, Mojo Dorm and the CCTC on Central Campus.

Frequent, but a longer/more confusing route reaching from South to Central to North Campus. Commuter North and South are operated as a continuous  bus. HOWEVER, commuter north can also turn into Med-Express instead of Commuter South and they regularly go on break at Glazier Way
Goes from the Chrisler Center and Kipke (South campus) all the way to the parking on Glazier Way (North campus), stopping by Central campus and the med school as well.

-DIAG-TO-DIAG (class days)
Direct, less frequent service between Central, North, and Oxford housing.

-MED-EXPRESS (week days)
A handy route for hospital personnel that goes from Glazier Way around the hospital  then turns into Commuter North and heads back to Glazier Way.

Goes from Oxford housing through Northwood housing, stopping by the CCTC and Pierpont Commons.

-OXFORD SHUTTLE (7 days a week)
Runs from Oxford housing through Central Campus

-WALL STREET NIB (weekdays)
Runs from the North Ingalls building down through the hospital to Wall Street (Kellogg Eye Center)

-WALL STREET EXPRESS (weekdays, evenings)
-runs from the traffic circle at the top of East Medical Center drive down to the Kellogg Center and back

Runs from Zina Pitcher all the way to the Domino Farms campus. A very long, specific route.

general tips and tricks

-The Michigan app has a section on the buses; utilize it!!!
-THE RIDE is Ann Arbor’s bus system. As a UofM student you are blessed enough to have access to it for FREE. Just find the bus you want, slide your MCard and ride to your heart’s content. Ann Arbor buses go to such handy places as, the mall, the hospital, CCTC, the movie theatre, Meijer, Meijer, Meijer, Target, and many more!

-But how do I know what bus to take? (you may be wondering). Well I’ll tell you my sweet summer children, simply pull out your handy dandy smart phones or find a computer and google maps will guide you. Simply put where you’re coming from and where you want to end up and click the public transportation option and google will provide you with the route or routes you need.

-If/when you need to ask your bus driver a question instead of asking “where does this bus go?” try having your destination in mind and asking “does this bus go to _______?” it makes it easier for the driver to help you more efficiently.

-when you want to get off the bus simply pull the yellow cord and the bus will stop at the next stop.

-Be polite to your driver. it makes our jobs easier, say hello when you get on and goodbye and thank you when you get off.

-We as driver’s understand your frustrations with the bus being late. We feel the exact same. Please do not take your frustrations out on your driver. more often than not the situation is entirely out of their control.

-Good Luck and feel free to contact me over fb in person or in the comments below if you have any further questions!

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