Welcome Party 9/15/2018

These are the happy faces to start a new semester here in Michigan. Some of them has just come to Ann Arbor, some are current students in Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti Area: University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College; some are families of Indonesians and many more attended our welcome party to have fun and know Indonesia and its people.

Maddie, Permias Michigan President, started the event with some speech to welcome everybody. The Permias Michigan Board Members continued to introduce themselves to people. Then, the Bingo game to know each other was started. People were so excited about this game as we offered free Permias T-shirts to the winner.

The board members also give some info related to the life in Michigan, some resources, our Indonesian communities here and many more.

THANK YOU to all who came and made today a blast! We appreciate you, cheers to a great year!

Welcome Home!

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