Registering for Classes

Either you’re transferring from another school in the US or coming in as a freshman, registering for classes can be a feat. During orientation you will be taught how to register for classes but here are some steps and tips that would help you along the way!



    1. Familiarize yourself with wolverine access. The portal for registering for classes is under Wolverine Access > Student > Student Business > Student Center > Backpack/Registration > Enrollment: Add Classes
    2. Check your registration date on Wolverine Access. Students at UofM have different dates to register for classes; students who have more credits will usually be able to register earlier than students with less. Typically, freshmen will be the last to register. Wolverine Access will show your date.
    3. Check out your respective course guides!
      1. LSA Students: all course with the details, course number, item number, prerequisites and requirements including instructor names are listed at
      2. Engineering Students: Go to and find your listed department. You can find the course catalog if you visit the department website.
      3. You can also find the schedule of all classes in the university by visiting and download the related files.


  • Backpacking. Backpacking means putting the courses you want for the next semester in your Wolverine Access account. During orientation, the peer mentors will teach you the technicalities of actually adding classes to your ‘backpack’. Backpacking is not the same as registering for classes.


  1. When your registration date comes, follow the instructions on Wolverine Access to register for the classes that were already in your backpack.


Important Tips:

  1. Be sure to know your registration date! Saving it on your calendar will help. Missing your registration date means you will risk being behind on the line if there is a waitlist and you don’t want that.
  2. When browsing for classes, check out to see students’ ratings of professors and the grading curves of courses at which is made by the Michigan Daily. Grade guide is very helpful– You typically would want to avoid classes where 30-40% students get Bs and Cs!
  3. The same class can have different sections with different instructors. Pay attention to the item number, not just the class name.
  4. See ‘weekly calendar view’ to see your possible schedule with the classes you registered.
  5. If on a waitlist, email the instructor to ask for a permission to enroll in spite of the waiting list. Be sure to check your email often to see if you receive this permission email. There is a deadline that comes with the permission to enroll, do not miss this deadline. Note that some classes do not give out permissions.
  6. Backpack and register many classes! It’s good to have back up. It is better to still register in be on waitlist than not try at all. In some classes, people tend to drop in the first couple week of class.
  7. Add/Drop– Students can drop classes until the end of week 3 of the semester without receiving a W grade. Make use of these 3 weeks to decide if you still want to be in the classes you are in.

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