Welcome Back, Welcome HoMe

Hey you! You, Indonesians, friends-of-Indonesians, friends-of-friends-of-Indonesians, wannabe-friends-of-Indonesians, and those just mildly interested in Indonesia! This event is for you!

This year, PERMIAS (an Indonesian-affinity group) is hosting a get-together at Palmer Commons as a welcome back, and welcome to Michigan. There will be short presentations about our student org, fun get-to-know-you games, and informal discussions about the things we want to do as a student group this year. Also there will be a FREE lunch provided!

So, come by yourself, bring a friend, or bring a whole group for this informal gathering of PERMIAS at Palmer Commons. If you’re coming, please let us know, so we get enough pizza! Food will be served first, so come quickly.

Saturday, September 15 at 12 PM – 2.30 PM

Palmer Commons at University of Michigan, 100 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

Students of all identities welcome! No hate speech will be tolerated. RSVP below 🙂

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